Customized Wire Bracelets

I've been exercising my wire forming skills lately.  This was my first attempt for a bracelet.  I really wanted capital letters and an ampersand, but this version flows much better.  If you'd like to request your own personalized bracelet, email me at


Archetype Implosion

Want to explore a world with plant aliens, mountain dragons, and demons? You can by helping fund Drew Jones' graphic novel series on Kickstarter. He has until September 10th to reach his goal.

Above, you can see some of his characters as well as the painstaking effort he puts into his work.



*images provided by Drew Jones

Abandoned Along Highway 41

Abandoned building always leave me a little spellbound.  It must be the combination of sadness and beauty.


Queen of Hearts Bow Necklace

Here's a fun craft for the Alice in Wonderland/card game fans.

1.  You'll need a playing card, washi tape, a small hole punch, scissors, pliers, chain, and jewelry findings.  You can always switch out the chain and jewelry findings for string.
2.  Begin by folding a playing card along the long edge of the card.
3.  Now fold the card backward.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 to the other edge of the card.
4.  Your card should now have an accordion fold.
5.  Find the middle of the folded card and press down with your fingers.
6.  Cut off a piece of washi tape and wrap it around the middle.
7.  Fan out the folded ends.
8.  You should now have a bow.
9.  Punch a hole in the top two corners of the bow.
10.  Attach a small jump ring and chain (to your desired length) to one of the holes.  Repeat on the other side.
11.  Find the middle of the chain and pull it apart.  Attach jump rings and a clasp.
12.  Your necklace is ready to wear.


Steer Sugar Skull

It's rare when an idea translates to a medium exactly the way you had hoped.  My love of southwestern art and sugar skulls finally met head on.  Here you can see my original drawing and the final necklace.  Honestly, I couldn't be happier with how this piece turned out.  You can find the necklace in my shop.


The Art of Coffee

Here's something for the coffee lovers to swoon over.  The Art of Coffee combines instant coffee and vinyl to produce unique works of art.  Can you imagine cutting out those designs by hand?  The artist, Caroline, also happens to be my coworker at my day job.  She's all-around amazing.


*images provided by Caroline Martin

Dining Dinos

My dinosaurs have been helping make dinner lately.