Disposable America

It seems that all of my buttons and denim jacket are missing (update: jacket found, buttons not so much).  Luckily, Dustin of Disposable America makes some great buttons.  He has so many of my hard to find favorites.  I was beyond excited to see some Dinosaur Jr designs.  I also ordered Chasing Amy, Twin Peaks, and Ghost World buttons.  Kind of wishing I had ordered his Don't Stop Believing pack.



Edward Art

A little something I made in Photoshop.  I'll show off the necklaces this inspired next week.


Homemade Bread

When I first told my family that I was making bread from scratch, they were very confused.  Was this the same girl who burned soup?  The Microwave Master?

I've been using this simple artisan bread recipe.  The first time I made bread, I tried it in the crockpot.  It turned out okay but a bit too brown on the bottom.  Since then, I've been baking it in the oven.  Every Sunday, I make a fresh loaf.

Do you make your own bread?  If so, what's your recipe?


Rockstar Ring

Skulls and stars are perfect together.  They always make me think rock 'n' roll.  You can grab one of these rings for yourself in my shop.

What makes you feel like a rockstar?


Heartland Truly Moving Pictures

Heartland is a not-for-profit arts organization located right here in Indianapolis.  Its mission is to inspire people through film.   On First Fridays, visitors can catch a free short film.  In March, I saw Boop Beep with some friends.  It was such a sweet story.

Heartland also hosts the Heartland Film Festival, which screens 100+ films over 10 days in October each year.  I'd really like to attend it one year.

Heartland Truly Moving Pictures
1043 Virginia Avenue #2
Indianapolis, IN 46203


Dinosaur Games

Some toy dinosaurs playing with my mini board games.


Gil's All Fright Diner

With my love of diners and the supernatural, my mom thought that Gil's All Fright Diner would be the perfect gift for me.  The main characters are a werewolf (Duke) and a vampire (Earl).  These two happen upon a small town called Rockwood that has been a hotbed of strange occurrences.  The story centers around a diner that sees more zombies than paying customers.

Somewhat of a warning:  It's considered a young adult novel, but I think the book almost contains a little too much profanity for teens.