August 21, 2017

Summer Break Craft Roundup

We had a craft-packed summer.  It was so much fun and definitely our best summer yet.  These are some of our favorite tutorials.

DIY Donut Squishy (The pizza was my own design.)

Mermaid Crowns and Mermaid Tails (We used felt instead of cardboard.)


August 16, 2017

Joshua Tree

Shots from Joshua Tree National Park.


August 14, 2017

Baseball State Champs

Some state championship t-shirt designs.

- Mandy

August 9, 2017

Robo Lights

This sculpture garden is the work of artist Kenny Irwin Jr.  It looks sort of like a Christmas robot amusement park.

Robo Lights
1077 E. Granvia Valmonte
Palm Springs, CA 92262


August 7, 2017

Le Petit Dinosaure

Le Petit Prince... dinosaur edition.


August 2, 2017

Big Pencil

Big pencil outside of Collegiate Housing Services.

5175 E. 65th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220


July 31, 2017

DIY No-Slip Headband

Since cutting my hair, I've had a lot of flyaways.  Headbands have been a great way to combat the problem.  I love the designs on fold over elastic and thought they'd be good for a headband.

1.  You'll need fold over elastic, scissors, fabric paint, and an elastic headband (for sizing).
2.  Use an elastic headband to size your piece of fold over elastic.  Add an extra 3 inches to each end.
3.  Flip your elastic over and draw a zig zag pattern with the fabric paint.  Allow to dry for an hour.
4.  Fold the elastic in half (right side out) and make a knot.  Cut off the excess.