Dinosaur Games

Some toy dinosaurs playing with my mini board games.


Gil's All Fright Diner

With my love of diners and the supernatural, my mom thought that Gil's All Fright Diner would be the perfect gift for me.  The main characters are a werewolf (Duke) and a vampire (Earl).  These two happen upon a small town called Rockwood that has been a hotbed of strange occurrences.  The story centers around a diner that sees more zombies than paying customers.

Somewhat of a warning:  It's considered a young adult novel, but I think the book almost contains a little too much profanity for teens.


Eye of the Beholder

This nurse pig is probably the most recognizable Twilight Zone character.  She's from the Eye of the Beholder episode.  My main goal was to get that curled lip just right.


Itsy Bitsy Jewelry

My hunt for tiny earrings is finally over!  Kohl's carries Itsy Bitsy Jewelry, which is exactly like it sounds.  I found tiny snap back hoops along with some other pairs of earrings.  The metal is sterling silver and perfect for those with sensitive ears (I'm now one of those people).

Do you have a favorite brand of earrings?


Coke Kitchen

Just some shots around my kitchen.  I love my little collection of Coke items.  Eventually, I'd like to get a set of plates and a few more dish towels.  But my ultimate goal?  To one day get a set of red glitter v-back diner chairs and a chrome-legged table.


Happy Rex Manning Day!

We mustn't dwell... no, not today. We CAN'T. Not on Rex Manning Day.

Rex Manning Day is upon us.  I finally made a shirt to celebrate.  The image was made in Photoshop/Illustrator.  The stencil and application was the same as my Pirate Rex shoes.


Open Til Midnight

Two necklaces in honor of my favorite movie.  One is a vinyl record with the line "Damn the Man!  Save the Empire!", and the other is a name badge.  The one I made for myself says Corey, but I can make yours with another character's name.

You can find these in my shop.