September 1, 2015

Golden Gate Bridge

Karl the Fog joined us at the Golden Gate Bridge.


August 31, 2015

Dachshund Necklace

For those with stumpy-legged friends.  Now available in my shop.


August 26, 2015

Erica Freestone

My gorgeous engagement ring was handmade by Erica Freestone.  Her craftsmanship is impeccable.  She worked closely with me on every detail of the ring.

The main gemstone is blue Zircon.  It's the oldest mineral the Earth, dated at 4.4 billion years.  Zircon naturally occurs in several colors and contains traces of uranium.  The gemstone is said to promote honor and wisdom.


August 25, 2015

Route 66 and Comic Book Shoes

More DIY designs using Fabric Mod Podge.  You can use my Star Wars shoe tutorial as a guide.


August 24, 2015

German Shepherd Necklace

In my opinion, the German Shepherd is the best breed of dog.  They are intelligent, curious, over-protective, and loyal to the very end.

Necklace now available in my shop.


August 19, 2015

Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is a structure that was originally built for the 1915 World's Fair held in San Francisco.  It is still standing on its original site.  The Weeping Women at the top of the colonnade are  the most intriguing part of the design.


August 18, 2015

Some Customer Love #6

Another set of customer photos.  If you have any photos of yourself wearing a Something Monumental piece, please share them!

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