October 24, 2009

Music is Love

I've been on a cuff-making kick as of late. The ones that I've made feature things about me or that I love. This one is about music. I LOVE music (but that could be due to my dance background). I wanted to make it a little retro, so I chose the orange/brown color scheme and big headphones. These bracelets are really fun and easy to make. I like using felt, because it's so forgiving, and it can be found in small pre-cut sheets. Here are some other cuffs that I've made:

This NY Giants one was a gift.

The white tee/rainbow cuff was a special request.

And to leave you with one of my favorite lyrics: "I wont cry if you walk by But if we both kind of stumble Maybe I'll say hi That's my best I never try that much Cause I'm scared of feeling That appealing touch You gotta get through My maze and pass every test Cause I'm choosin' one love Tattooed across my chest" -Severed Lips, Dinosaur Jr-