October 27, 2009


I was checking out some of the wonderful photos on Flickr when I came across Phoebs* photostream. I found what I thought to be some really great Polaroids. The images are lovely, but they're not Polaroids. They're Poladroids. I had to find out more. When I searched for Poladroid, I found this. The software is free to download, but donations are very much appreciated (and encouraged). The program is so much fun! Each session will edit 10 photos (just like a real cartridge). The best part? The photos actually develop on your desktop. If you like the way a photo looks before it has finished developing, you can right-click the image to get a sample at that moment.


I love my Polaroid camera, but the film is expensive and hard to find. This program will help me through the hard times. Check out my photostream.