November 4, 2009

Coca-Cola Camera

Yes, another camera for my rather large collection. This one is special, though. It's my first novelty camera (!). I also used to collect Coca-Cola items. One day I hope to have a diner/Coca-Cola style kitchen. :) This camera was a promotional item released in 1998. It takes 35mm film and has a built-in flash. It think it was made by the Coca-Cola Company (don't quote me on that). I have since found a camera like mine on A similar camera was made the same year by Ginfax Development Ltd. That version is more detailed than this one. What I really like about my camera is that it features the word "always" in English, French, Polish, and Spanish.

And here's where I picked up my new find:

Kind of strange to purchase a novelty camera from a piano shop. :)