December 11, 2009

Canon G11

 I received the much-anticipated Canon G11 as an early Christmas gift.  All of my digital point-and-shoots have been Canon cameras.  I love them.  I know my photos are going to turn out great, and I know how all of the controls work.

I was very excited to test out the G11.  I thought it would make a great travel camera and create better indoor shots.  The G11 shoots both RAW and JPEG (at the same time!).  I highly recommend shooting in RAW.

Other features:
     *Low Light setting (ISO 3200-12,800)
     *records both RAW and JPEG
     *10.0 megapixels - for better low light images
     *wide angle (28mm)
     *optical Image Stabilizer
     *vari-angle LDC
     *i-Contrast technology (prevents high-light blowout and retains low-light detail)
     *custom colors and shooting modes
     *continuous shooting
     *hot shoe for an external flash
     *ability to attach other lenses
     *small and light-weight
     *easy to find dials and settings



Some test shots:

Really great detail

Shot out of a moving vehicle





Very easy to edit


SOOC - Low Light setting; see the detail loss?

Conclusion:  LOVE this camera.  It's much faster than my other Canon cameras.  I'm not crazy about the smoothing of the Low Light setting, but I'm not really sure how often I'm going to use it.  Once I get a few more accessories for my G11, I'll be unstoppable.