February 11, 2010

Confessions of a Music Snob


I'm a Music Snob.

It's true.  I have a problem.  I think my music is better than the music you listen to.  I think (know) vinyl is the best format.  I own LPs (12"), 45s (7"), specialty vinyl, 8 tracks, cassettes, cds, and have an iTunes account.  I can't find the music I listen to in most chain stores.  My favorite bands have long been disbanded (some are back together) and play in dodgy clubs.  CBGB was my dream vacation spot.





I love:  Dinosaur Jr, The Lemonheads, Mollycuddle, The Cure, Weezer, Beck, Letters to Cleo, Save Ferris, The Smiths, Bjork, J. Mascis + The Fog, The Clash, Rilo Kiley, T. Rex, Television, Shallow, Drugstore, Belle & Sebastian, Gin Blossoms, Blur, Hole, The Beatles, Old 97's, R.E.M., Buddy Holly, The Cranberries, She & Him, Sleater-Kinney, Spacehog, Shout Out Louds, Sloan, Wilco, Mates of State, The New Pornographers, Horrorpops, Pavement, and the list goes on...

Honestly though, if the music you listen to makes you want to sing out loud and never stop dancing, then it makes me happy too.  :)

I also couldn't help myself and made some music snob images.

And here are some funny Snobby links: