March 30, 2010

Gradient Map

For those that use Photoshop, Gradient Map has come to rescue you.  It's true.  I use it on every photo that doesn't come out of the camera just right.

What does it do?  Well, I use it to take out a small amount of over saturation and to brighten the image overall.  It also makes a perfect black and white photo.

For most of my photos, I add a Gradient Map layer.  You can do this by either creating a new fill layer within the Layers palette or clicking Image -> Adjustments -> Gradient Map.  I often use a grey to white gradient and set the layer to Soft Light.  The opacity can be changed to your liking.

This image doesn't really need the Gradient Map layer, but it just happened to be what I was working on.

After the Gradient Map

After Soft Light (too much brightening for this image)

The other way to create a Gradient Map

For black and white images, I use a black to white gradient and leave the layer at Normal.

You can also use different colors for your gradient.  It's always fun to play around.  For the very first image, I left the grey to white gradient at Normal.  I liked the end result.

Try this out sometime!