April 21, 2010

How I Work: Fuji Instax Mini 7s

My new Instax Mini arrived the other day from Amazon (I seriously buy everything from Amazon).  So excited!

This was the camera that I meant to purchase when I got the Fuji 200.  Once I got the 200, I decided there was no reason to also purchase a mini.  Well... I'm going to New York this weekend, and I couldn't imagine being in the city without film.  My film cameras are so big, and this is much smaller.  So, I thought I would splurge.  :)

Fuji's line of minis aren't necessarily my definition of "mini".  These are larger than a compact digital camera.  It might even be close in size to my Pentax dslr.  The film is tiny, though.  It's hard not to smile when the Instax Mini film pops out.

The look of the 7s is very retro.  It comes in either white or brown.  The film is vivid and reasonably priced.  The best part of this camera is that I can get close to my subject and still get a focused photo unlike the Fuji 200.

Conclusion:  LOVE!!!!!