May 5, 2010

How I Work: Shrinky Dinks

It's difficult not to call them Shrinky Dinks. Crafting with shrink plastic has become popular again. It can even be found for inkjet printers, but I have not yet had the chance to work with that kind.

I worked with shrink plastic a few weeks ago in an attempt to make some pendants. It was a definitely trial and error. I got the hang of it the second time around. Here are what my (future) nieces and I came up with:

A few tips:
* when putting your pieces in the oven, cover them with lightweight cardboard or parchment paper so they won't roll up on themselves
* do not make pieces too long, because they'll curl
* rounded corners work best; straight lines will end up looking uneven
* permanent markers work the best for coloring/decorating
* once cooled, use an indoor/outdoor acrylic spray to seal your design

Unfortunately, we had trouble with the colored shrink plastic. I'm not sure how to keep it from curling. I'll keep trying and let you know what I find out. ;)

Some of my pendants are available in my Etsy shop!