May 4, 2010

Tutorial: Distort

Confession:  I take photos while I'm driving.

Back in March, I stopped on my way to work one morning to get some shots of a heavy fog.  I shot through the closed window of my Jeep, which I do often.  I really liked the reflection in my mirror, but I couldn't get a good angle.  So, I tried to level it in Photoshop.

1.  Open your file in Photoshop, and crop your photo a bit larger than the area you're focusing on.

2.  Double-click on your Background Layer.  A New Layer box will pop up and click OK.  This allows for the layer to be edited.

3.  Go to Edit --> Transform --> Distort.

Click and drag the points in the desired directions.  Click the Enter key when you're satisfied with your image.  Don't forget to Flatten your image.

I also added my Denim Curves layer to boost the color.  Sorry, but I'll never share my Curves Presets.  I have to have some secrets.   ;)