June 11, 2010

Feature: The Chocolate Moose

Summer isn't complete without a stop at The Chocolate Moose!  Formerly The Penguin, it has been part of the Bloomington, Indiana community since 1933.

The Chocolate Moose is best known for its ice cream.  My friend, Kara, loves the Homemade Grasshopper ice cream.  I can't have ice cream, but The Moose offers frozen yogurt and dole for people like me.  I had the Dutch Chocolate frozen yogurt, and it was so good!  

Don't know what something is on the menu?  Don't worry.  The Moose has a list of the different ice cream items with explanations.  So helpful!

Along with ice cream and other cool treats, the menu includes burgers (veggie!), hot dogs, pulled pork, and popcorn.  You can even get bags of ice.  :)

The Chocolate Moose
401 South Walnut Street
Bloomington, IN 47401-4613