June 18, 2010

Feature: INDIEana Handicraft Exchange

The INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, Independent Music + Art Festival, and Talbot Street Art Fair all took place this past Saturday in Indianapolis.  My friend, Emily, and I helped out with IHE's craft fair, and it was so much fun!  My favorite part might have been running barefoot through the rain when everything was over.  :)

MAMUS might have been my favorite artist at the event.  :)

In love?  Yes.  Dave and Stacy of Mile 44 must've known that Dinosaur Jr is my favorite band.

Emily Beveridge - amazing art!  It was great talking to you!

Paper Acorn - best business cards!

Molly Bitters - gorgeous stuff

 Emily, my partner in clean-up crime  :)

After the event, I realized that I missed many of the artists.  Definitely check out abbey christine.  I'm totally in love with her finger puppets!  Also, check out The Binding Bee.  Her tiny book necklaces are so wonderful!