June 22, 2010

Tutorial: Banner

Here's a tutorial for people that use Blogger or need to make a banner for something.

1.  First, find out what size you need.  For my blog template, my banner size is 692 pixels x 160 pixels.  I'm making this banner 10.5 inches x 1.5 inches.  Create a new document (File -> New).  Type in your width, height, and resolution.

2.  You have the option of doing several things here.  An image can be used as the entire banner, small elements, text, or a combination of those things.  Let's try text with other elements.  I'm leaving my background color white, but other colors can be used (Edit -> Fill).

I'll add a text layer by choosing the Text Tool from the tools palette.  Type your text and choose your font.

3.  Next, I'm going to add my felt elephant to my banner.  I'll show you how to remove an element from one image and add it to another.

Open your image (File -> Open).  I like to Duplicate my layer (right-click background layer and choose Duplicate Layer) in case I mess up.  

4.  The background needs to be removed around my elephant.  This can be done using the Eraser Tool, Marquee tool, Lasso, etc.  I personally like to use the Lasso to trace around my image.  If using the Lasso, the selection will need to be inverted (Select -> Inverse) to delete the background.  Deselect the area (Ctrl + D).

5.  The elephant can now be added to the banner.  Use the Move Tool to drag the element onto the banner.

6.  The elephant is too large for the banner, so it needs to be scaled down.  Select the layer and go to Edit -> Transform -> Scale.  Please, please, please hold down the Shift key when scaling.  This way the image/element won't look weird/too tall/too wide.

7.  Add more elements if you want.  I added some sewn stitches.  Now, you're done!

This is an example of a full image banner.