June 8, 2010

Tutorial: Fake Tattoo

Tattoos are too permanent for me.  I'm also a very "natural" person.  No part of me is fake or altered.  Goodness, I sound so boring.  Haha.  This doesn't mean I'm not curious about what I'd look like with a different hair color, tattoo, etc.

So, here's a fun Photoshop tutorial for those that don't have tattoos or maybe those that want to know what a tattoo would look like in a certain place.  This is strictly for a written tattoo.

1.  Open your image in Photoshop and select the Type Tool from the tool palette.  Type your word or words.  Make your text color black.

2.  In the Layers palette, change your text layer to Hard Light.  I chose an Opacity of 66%.

3.  The text layer needs to be rasterized so it can be edited.  Right-click the layer and choose Rasterize Type.

4.  This step is in case you need to darken your text or you just want it to stand out more.  Duplicate that layer (by right clicking the text layer and choosing Duplicate).  Set it to Normal.  I chose and Opacity of 67%.  Flatten your image.

5.  Choose the Blur Tool from the tools palette.  I used a soft brush and set the Strength to 21%.  Blur the text so it looks a little more realistic.

6.  Finally, set the layer to Hard Light at an Opacity of 75%.  There's your tattoo!

If you'd like to learn how to make a picture tattoo, check out this tutorial.