July 30, 2010

Feature: Tim Burton at MoMA

Back in April, Kevin and I went to the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.  The exhibit showcased all of Burton's artwork and ideas throughout his lifetime.  I use the word "ideas", because some of the displays were from movies that he did not physically create with his own hands.

The reason I wanted to go was because I really admire Burton's drawings.  He draws very loosely, which is something that I've always had trouble with.  And of course, I had to see the entrance that everyone had been raving about.

Just before we went to MoMA, we stopped by an art gallery/shop.  Kevin asked one of the sales people if he had been to the exhibit.  Bluntly, the man said he had absolutely no interest.  He felt that there are far too many more deserving artists than Tim Burton.  I have to agree with the man to an extent.  True, he did not create everything that was part of the exhibit.  It's the fact that deep down, Burton knew he'd be great and that he should save some of his art from his childhood.  I think that's amazing.

The exhibit was not as monumental as it should have been.  This had nothing to do with the work.  MoMA fell short.  Entry into the exhibit was timed, exiting was not.  The gallery was people on top of people trying to get little sneaky peeks of stuff.  Also, no photos were allowed... or personal space.  I did get a (blurry) photo of the entrance, but apparently, I was not supposed to.

I'm still very grateful that I got to see the exhibit.  It's a memory that I'll always keep.

Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019