July 20, 2010

Existing Light

Natural light is best when taking photographs.  This type of lighting is not always accessible.  You need to search for available light, because the last thing you really want to use is your flash.

Existing Light Photography (what I do) is making photos with the light that is available at the moment (sun, candle flame, lamp, street lights, etc.).  This type of photography creates more natural, real-life photos.  This type of photography isn't for everyone, and it's definitely not the only way to shoot.

light from a floor lamp


light from balloons and setting sun

light from a window

light from neon sign

light from a window

light from string of lights

- natural looking photographs
- can take candid shots
- ability to create dramatic shots
- can photograph subjects off in the distance
- freedom to move around without moving lighting equipment 

- harsh shadows
- less light on cloudy days (if shooting outdoors)
- increased chance of blur
- harsh colors and contrast (if shooting indoors with fluorescent lighting)

Try some existing light shots yourself.  I'd love to see them!