September 3, 2010

Feature: Rock-Cola 50s Cafe

 Have you ever been greeted by name at a restaurant?  I haven't personally, but I saw it happen over and over while sitting in a booth at Rock-Cola.

 The cafe seats maybe 30 people max, and that might be pushing it.  The place is covered in memorabilia.  These items include a Howdy Doody puppet, Coca-Cola stained glass lamps, a smallpox warning, empty Choc-cola bottles, a Taxi sign, a Coca-Cola machine, and various old posters.

I thought this place was extremely charming.  The menu contained typical diner-style food, and the tables had small chalkboards at the booths for children (and big kids) to write on.  The staff made customers feel right at home.

I definitely recommend stopping by Rock-Cola if you're ever in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Rock-Cola 50s Cafe
5730 Brookville Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46219 

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