September 29, 2010

How I Work: Fisheye Lens

My Flickr contacts and friends have seen my obsession with my fisheye lens.  It's a cheap Opteka lens attachment.  I had heard mixed reviews about it but wanted to test it for myself.

Notice I called it a lens attachment.  This fits on top of your lens and does not replace your lens.  I personally love this attachment.  It's so much fun.  I got a size that fits both my Nikon D60 and Canon G11.

Some people complain that this lens causes blurriness at the edges of images.  I love that part.  I've only seen it with my slr, though.  My G11 keeps everything crisp and in focus.

I have a 35mm lomo fisheye, but that camera hasn't been happy as of late.  I really like the effects of fisheye, and I don't enjoy creating it in Photoshop.  I thought this lens was a pretty good deal, so I couldn't pass it up.  It's much more of a "fun" accessory, but my clients and friends all seem to like it as much as I do.  If you want a fisheye lens but are on a budget, this might be an option for you.

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