October 12, 2010

Tutorial: Felt Masks

I wanted to do at least one Halloween tutorial. It's really the only holiday I like, and I know for a fact that I will not do a Christmas tutorial. So, I apologize in advance to those that really love the holidays.  I'm a scrooge.

Today's tutorial is how to make a mask out of felt. The masks that are shown in the photos are all hand-sewn by me. I don't see why you couldn't use a sewing machine or possibly hot glue the whole thing together.  This is my first attempt at making and using a pattern.  So, more apologies.

What you'll need:

*felt in different colors (I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby.)
*elastic (flat or round)
*needle and thread

1. Download the template for the bird mask here. Cut out the parts for your mask.

2.  Attach the elastic.  If you choose to use flat elastic, sew it to the inside of the back half of the mask. If you choose to use round elastic, make a knot in the elastic. The knot will keep the elastic from slipping through the stitches.The round elastic with knots will be attached as you sew.

 3.  Sew the mask parts together.  I sewed the outside of the mask first then sewed around the eyes. I also double up on my thread when threading my needle.

I added some little "feathers" for decoration.

Hope you get a chance to try this one!  I absolutely loved making these.