November 5, 2010

Feature: Polaroid Week November 2010

I totally dropped the ball.  This week is November's Polaroid Week, and I forgot about it.  I thought I'd take a quick photo with one on my many Polaroid cameras.  Nope.  The last piece of film I swore was in my Spirit 600 was an illusion, and the battery in my 330 Land Camera is no longer with us.  To top it off, I hadn't ordered film for my new Spectra yet.

Well, film is now ordered, but that still doesn't solve the problem.  I want to be mad at my Fuji Mini for being so convenient, but I only have myself to blame.  Luckily, I'm too stubborn to give up.  I went digging through some of my old photos.  I found a few Polaroids that I've yet to upload to or removed from my photostream.

Some of the unseen/removed ones:

Some favorites from my collection:

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