November 12, 2010

IMA's Fashion Unbound

A few weekends ago, Kevin and I attended the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Project IMA: Fashion Unbound.  The runway show was held in The Toby and featured 40 different fashion designers.

I wasn't sure what to expect when we arrived... but I almost wasn't prepared for what we did see.  We saw leather neckties, ridiculous heels, extreme mini skirts, Bruce Willis' stunt double, old t-shirts, and so many other things.  That was just waiting in line to see the show.

The actual runway show was crazy.  Designers used all sorts of materials - trash bags, cardboard, mosaic tiles, yarn, etc.  The styles went from demure to outlandish.  I'll admit, I thought most of the designs were strange, but I did enjoy some.  I liked the hats by Emily Clark.  I really liked the dresses that her models wore too.

The real stars of the show were the models.  They were incredible and had so much attitude!  The models were all shapes and sizes which is amazing and not often seen.  Clothing looks better when it's on an actual shape.

I thought this was a wonderful thing that the IMA and Fashion Arts Society put on.  I'm learning that Indiana has much more to offer in the art world than some would think.  I think we need to explore and share it.

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Indianapolis, IN 46208