November 16, 2010

Tale: The First Spectra Shot

Well, it's the third, but the first good one.

Here's what happened:
I stalked the delivery of my Impossible film.  It arrived around 11 am, but I wouldn't get home until nearly 6pm.  This would not have been a problem a week ago, because I would've still had sunlight.  Not now (a few years ago, some brilliant idiot decided that Indiana needed to observe Daylight Savings Time).  Needless to say, I had absolutely no light.  I took two photos, but they were very sad.  I admitted defeat and went to bed.

I woke up early the next day to get some shots.  The third one (above) turned out great.  I love the old textured look.  I'm not sure if it's the film or the Spectra that caused it to look like this.  I'm really happy with it.

I'll be sharing more of my Impossible film shots as well as tips on using this film soon.  It's very different from Polaroid film.