November 2, 2010

Tale: A Season For Hope

I was playing out in the leaves the other day and really wanted to do some sort of fall photo.  I just couldn't really come up with anything.  I started thinking about doing another word photo, but I wasn't sure of the word.  I started positioning single leaves just to have them blown away.  Frustration took over, and I started kicking the leaves.

I was quite convinced that I used all of the good words.  Then, 'hope' came to mind.  A perfect word for what's going on in my life.

Why 'hope'?  I have several things planned for myself that I thought would've happened by now.  I'm far too impatient and want to give up every other day (more like every other hour).  I need to keep believing that something good will happen.  Hope is what I need.

For this shot, the leaves were lightly sprayed with water so that they wouldn't blow around.  I eventually climbed up a ladder and took an overhead shot.  I'm happy with the end result.