November 30, 2010

Tips for Using Impossible Film

Impossible tips and tricks!!!

I've been playing with my new Silver Shade film from the Impossible Project.  At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about it.  It seemed so faded.  Then, I learned how to fix that.

Here's an example:

It looks like a stain, doesn't it?  This is an unrecognizable farm.  I couldn't figure out why there wasn't any contrast.  I had my dial in between light and dark, so I thought something might me wrong with either the film or my new Spectra.  I started to read up on the film and found out that the film needs to be shielded from light as soon as it comes out of the camera.  Some people have made DIY covers to protect their film.  I place my hand up against the camera where the film comes out and immediately turn the piece of film upside down when it ejects from the camera.

Another thing that I've always done with my regular Polaroid film is to keep the newly taken photo warm.  This helps with development.  Now, how do I do this?  I sit on it.  Yes, sit on it.  I put the photo in my back pocket and sit on it.  If I'm out walking, I'll put the film in my back pocket and rub it.  I'm sure I've been stared at or whispered about.  I swear it works!

Here are some better shots:

When this one came out faded, I told my friend that the bar must be haunted.  She didn't find that funny.   :)

I really, really love this film.  The photos look like little pieces of history.  :)