January 25, 2011

Dreams In Reality

I've had this really crazy recurring dream since I was a child.  It starts out where I'm out in the country late at night, and I happen upon this old barn (more than likely the barn on our family farm).  Once I enter the barn, I have to pass this series of tests.  The first test is climbing across these blinking lights on the ceiling of the barn.  So, you can image how freaked out I was when I saw the lights in the photo above.

This is the Indianapolis airport.  It was maybe 4 am, and Kevin and I were flying to New York.  I honestly thought I was dreaming.  I wouldn't be surprised if I had been, because I have the tendency to confuse my dreams with reality.  When I confirmed I was really awake, I was just stunned.  How could I be seeing something that my 6-year-old mind dreamt up?

In my dream when I successfully get over the blinking lights, I'm thrown into a swirling sort of tunnel.  The tunnel is a combination of the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland and the tunnel Coraline crawls through to get to the Other World.  In reality, I was scared to death to find out what waited for me past these lights.

Obviously, nothing weird happened, but I still can't get over it.  It probably doesn't help that now Kevin and I are watching the series Fringe, and I'm convinced my dream is part of the parallel universe.  What a nutty little mind I have.