January 28, 2011

The Mobile American Gothic

Many of you have seen the iconic American Gothic painting by Grant Wood.  But have you seen the towering sculpture of it?

A sculpture entitled "God Bless America" featuring the farmer and his daughter was displayed in Pioneer Court in Chicago.  Now, it's on the move.  I made a special trip to the Indiana State Fair (I hate fairs) just to see this.  I thought it was fantastic!

The artist, John Seward Johnson, is best known for his realistic bronze sculptures.  He is also known for making copies of famous works such as the one above.  These works have not been well-received in the art world.  Johnson actually uses a computer program that translates the original 2-d images into sculptures that are created by a machine.  He has also recreated the V-J Day in Times Square photograph (a smaller version stands in downtown Carmel, Indiana) and Manet's Le déjeuner sur l'herbe.

I do like his sculpture The Awakening.  It's actually made of aluminum.  The sculpture is of a giant emerging from the ground.  The giant is screaming while trying to free himself.

Do you consider Johnson's work art?