January 7, 2011

Muncie Statues


Yes, I'm obsessed with abnormally large fiberglass statues.  A little day trip took Kevin and I to Munice, Indiana so I could hunt for these lovelies and some vintage cameras (I got a Spectra!).  I knew about the Muffler Man and lumberjack from Roadside America.  The hippo was discovered on a Facebook page devoted to Muncie.  We almost totally missed the hippo.  He was in the parking lot outside of a strip mall.  The Muffler Man was a bit of a problem....

So, the Muffler Man is located just off an exit.  The place was closed, so I couldn't get to him.  I wanted to climb the fence, but Kevin didn't like that idea at all.  Instead, Kevin drove back onto the interstate and pulled off in the exit ramp.  I was told to photograph him from the car.  Oh, the crazy things I do for Muffler Men.   <3