February 8, 2011

Big Boy Hunt


A Big Boy statue may not seem like a big deal to those that live in an area that has these restaurants.  It was a huge deal to me.  I've been searching for this silly thing for a few years now.  I had never even seen a Big Boy restaurant, and I assumed it to be more like McDonald's.

Big Boy restaurants are located primarily in California with franchises in other parts of the US.  This particular Big Boy is part of the Frisch's franchise.  It has restaurants in Ohio, Kentucky, and southern Indiana.  When I found out I was going to Cincinnati for a visit, I mapped out my possible meeting with a Big Boy.  Not all of the restaurants have these statues, and the ones that do might have the weird Frisch's version

The weekend we went to Cincinnati was also the first big snowfall for the Midwest this winter.  It really messed up our plans.  We didn't even attempt searching for roadside stuff.  As we were leaving Cincinnati, we pulled off for a quick stop.  And what was waiting for me at this exit?  A Big Boy!!!!  I shrieked when I saw him and totally freaked Kevin out.  My trip was now complete.    :)