February 15, 2011

Marshmallow Drawings

I finally found a treat that I can make, and it's all thanks to The Decorated Cookie!  She makes the most adorable cookies and marshmallows.  I read her post about drawing on food, and I got so excited!  Because if I can draw on it, I can do it!

I chose to try out the fine tip Americolor Gourmet Writers.  They're amazing!  I purchased mine from Amazon (because I buy everything from there).  You barely have to press the marker down on the marshmallow for a nice line.

I made several marshmallow pops for my family.  They were kind of an early Valentine's Day treat.  I even made some for Kevin yesterday.  Some of the marshmallows were decorated with sprinkles.  For that, I dipped the tops of the marshmallows in water then dipped them in a bowl of sprinkles.  For the sprinkle heart, I used a small brush dipped in water to draw the shape then dipped the marshmallow in sprinkles.  I might try the extra giant marshmallows next time.  Have you seen those things?!