February 22, 2011

Turn a T-Shirt Into A Vest

I am the master of destroying things with scissors.  You can ask anyone.  Growing up, I would "fix" my clothes, cut off my dolls' hair, and chop at my own hair.  Nothing is safe around me.

Sometimes I use my skills for good.  In this case, I turned a long-sleeve t-shirt into a vest.

What you'll need:
*masking tape (optional)

1.  Lay your shirt out on a hard flat surface.

2.  Cut the sleeves off of the shirt.  It's best to start at the armpit and go up.  

3.  Make a V with masking tape on the front of the shirt.  This will help you cut in a straight line.  Cut from the sides of the neck down to the point of the V shape.  Cut off any remaining collar.

4.  You now have a vest!  For a more tailored look, you can stitch where the fabric has been cut.  I prefer the no sew look.