February 1, 2011

Tutorial: Elastic Ring

I've been known to make jewelry to wear just minutes before going out.  One time I wanted a white and black ring but didn't have anything.  I remembered someone giving me a package of plastic beads and dug them out to see what I could come up with.  That's when my giant white rock was created.

What you'll need:

* elastic
* scissors
* needle and thread
* plastic bead (or whatever you find)


 This is almost embarrassingly simple, but I thought it would be fun since stretch rings are really popular right now.

1.  Wrap the elastic around your finger to get the size you want.  Overlap the elastic a bit for sewing.

2.  Cut the elastic and sew together.  I like to sew in the shape of a square to make it secure.

3.  Place the bead on top of the sewn part of the elastic.

4.  Sew up through the elastic at an angle and through the bead.  Sew back down at an angle through the elastic.  Repeat several times.

5.  Once you've sewn through the elastic and bead multiple times, secure and knot the thread under the ring.  Cut off excess thread.

6.  You now have a simple elastic ring!