March 1, 2011


I got really obsessed with freelensing for a while.  Freelensing is a technique in which the lens is detached from the camera and tilted.  Tilting the lens results in lots of bokeh and light leaks.  I really love how these images turned out.

I use a Nikon digital camera with D lenses, and there's a little extra step that has to be taken in order for this to work.  On the inside of the lens, there's a little lever.  This lever controls the aperture, and when the lens is detached, the lever closes the aperture.  So, I had to find something small to hold this open.  I tried to hold it open with my fingernail, but that was beyond awkward.

This technique works best with a prime lens.  You also have to get really close to your subject.  If you are using a camera other than a Nikon, check out this post for help with your specific camera brand.