March 25, 2011

Is That An Igloo In The Lake?

After checking out the Lilly House in January, Kevin and I took a quick stroll through the IMA's 100 Acres.  As we were walking, we could see something out in the lake.  Once we got closer, we decided it was a floating igloo.

The "igloo" is actually an experimental home created by Andrea Zittel.  Yes, that means that someone will be living in it.  At least one or two art students will occupy the home for several weeks during the next few summers.  Sounds wild doesn't it?  The structure is about 20 feet in diameter.  I think it might be fun to live in for about 3 hours.

Check out Give and Take by Michael Runge and Jessica Dunn.  It's a blog about their time in the igloo in 2010.