April 5, 2011

Art Boots

Here's a perfect example of me getting carried away with fabric paint.  But, oh, how I love these boots!

I had two pair of black boots, and I thought that one pair needed to be a little more exciting.  These boots are artificial leather, so they needed to be prepped before painting.

What you'll need:
*acetone/nail polish remover
*paper towels
*sponges (optional)
*spray enamel

1.  If your shoes are made of leather or artificial leather, wipe them down with acetone.  This will remove dirt and break down the smooth surface for painting.  Let shoes dry for a few minutes.

2.  Paint your shoes.  You may need more than one coat.  Use brushes and sponges for designs.  I used fabric paint for my boots.  If your shoes are soft like mine, stuff them with paper for painting.  Allow the paint to dry for at least an hour.

3.  To protect the paint, spray your shoes with an indoor/outdoor clear enamel and let dry.  I sprayed two coats.

You're finished!  Paint only remains on the surface, but hopefully the enamel will help the paint last a while.  If not, you'll be able to paint your shoes again for something new.