April 29, 2011

Jukebox Pizza House

Just outside of Indianapolis lies Fayette.  If you drive by too quickly, you'll miss it.  Kevin drove through one day and noticed a little pizza place called Jukebox Pizza House.  He knew there was something special about it right away.

We decided to check out Jukebox one night after work.  I thought maybe it would look like a little diner inside.  Well, it did... but there was so much more.

The owner, known as Raccoon, collects and restores pinball machines.  The machines are set up in the restaurant for customers to enjoy.  Most have 10 free games on them.  Raccoon also has a jukebox, foosball table, bowling game, and air hockey table.  While you're busy playing on all of these machines, Raccoon will be in the back making your pizza and breadsticks himself.

Kevin and I had a great time getting to know Raccoon during our visit.  He's led such an interesting life.  Just before we left, he gave us some of the best advice:  "Take pride in each other."

Jukebox Pizza House
7450 S State Road 267
Lebanon, IN 46052
(317) 769-3002