April 26, 2011

Who's Using Your Photos?

Photo and idea theft have been discussed here before.  Now, I want to share a site that allows you to find exactly where your photos are appearing.  Tineye is great for reverse searching.  I have found several people and sites using my photos.  Sometimes credit is given and sometimes not.  A few times, people have made a slight edit and claim my photo as their own.  For the most part, people are very cooperative when I send a message asking to properly credit photos.

Many think that watermarking a photo will hinder thieves.  That's not entirely true.  Some people will still use those images.  Besides, the watermark would have to be across the entire image to do any good.   The best way to prevent photo theft?  Don't post photos on the internet.  Easier said than done.

Hopefully, this is useful to others.  Someone could be using one of your personal photos.  You never know.