May 17, 2011

T-Shirt Belt

You learned how to transform a t-shirt into a simple vest.  Now, we'll take the bottom of a t-shirt to make a braided belt!

What you'll need:
*masking tape or heavy object

1.  Lay your shirt out on a hard flat surface and cut three strips from the bottom part of the t-shirt.  The strips should be twice the size of your waist.

2.  Cut one end along the seam on each strip.

3.  Take one end of each long strip and knot them together.

4.  Use a piece of tape or a heavy object to keep the knotted piece from moving around.

5.  Braid the strips and tie a knot at the loose end.

6.  Your belt is finished!  You may need to adjust the length of your belt to fit your taste.  Also, I noticed that my belt was sort of "flaking".  I tossed it in the wash with some other things, and the problem was gone. 

To wear the belt, just tie a knot with the two ends.  You could even make a bow or hold the belt together with a brooch for a different look.   :)