July 27, 2011

Some Silly Fisheye Portraits

Reaching goals must not really be my thing.  I seem to have lost track.  I still wanted to share an update on my goal list that I made at the beginning of the year.  It's pretty much been one giant flop.  Nothing wrong with a little failure from time to time.

I really wanted to focus on more portraits this year.  I do have clients that I work with, but I don't always have the option to get creative with them.  Some of the portraits I had hoped to take were:  with a fisheye lens, as a TtV, on instant film, in a photobooth style, and with masks.  In the above photos, only the black and white of me is from this year.  The others are older ones that I've never shared.  I don't really have any models to work with, so photographing portraits is kind of tough.  But...

pets are people too, right?  Haha.  Even my fur babies don't want to pose for me.  Sometimes, I can get them at the right moment, though.

How are you doing with your goals for 2011?