July 19, 2011

You Need Macro Filters

Recently, I purchased a set of macro filters for my dslr.  They have really proven to be a great tool.  Just the other weekend, I used them for a special client shoot.  The filters were perfect for super close shots.

The set I purchased came with four filters (which you can see in action above): 1x, 2x, 4x, and 10x.  I've used the 10x the most.  With that filter, your camera must be practically on top of your subject to focus.

When purchasing filters (or other accessories), make sure they are made to work with your brand of camera.  Also, you'll need to know the thread size of your lens.  One way to find out your thread size is to pull your lens cap off and look on the inside.

These are perfect for photographing small items or creating some great bokeh-filled shots.