August 5, 2011

Dinosaur World

Yup, I went here, and I dragged Kevin with me.  :)

This is Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky.  The area is definitely what you would call a tourist trap.  I thought it was strangely fantastic.

The models are life-size and made of fiberglass, concrete, and steel.  The details and colors are wonderful.  Most of the dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures are located along a path.  Some are situated in larger areas and look almost natural.  The mammoths were a great example of this.

This is considered an outdoor museum, and it did provide information about the different species.  Dinosaur World also has a fossil dig, a small indoor museum, and a theater.

Dinosaur World has two other locations:  one in Plant City, Florida and another in Glen Rose, Texas.  The Florida location includes an area to see dinosaurs attacking each other and Deinonychus Island.  The Texas location doesn't offer quite as much as the other two.

Dinosaur World
711 Mammoth Cave Road
Cave City, KY 42127
(270) 773-4345