August 24, 2011

Emily and the Pink Elephant

A month or so ago, I set out on a photo adventure alone.  I captured several roadside things around Indy, but my true destination was a little outside of the city.

In front of a liquor store in Fortville, Indiana stands a pink elephant quietly sipping his martini.  Although he was what I was after, I met someone even more fascinating.

This is Emily.  She stopped for a photo of the elephant too, but he was not part of her adventure.  Emily is riding across the country on her bike.  The interesting thing?  She's not even a cyclist.  One morning, she just woke up and decided to do this.  How amazing is that?

I'm not sure how far she is or where she is at this point.  If you happen to see her, give her tons of encouragement and possibly a place to crash.  ;)