August 30, 2011

Indianapolis Indians

I love baseball!  The members of my family are all-around Chicago fans.  And yes, that means we root for the Cubs and White Sox.  :)

Due to spending so much time in the Chicago area, I missed out on a lot of stuff here in Indiana.  I didn't think this state had any sports teams until a couple of years ago.  Recently, I was introduced to the Indianapolis Indians.  They're the second oldest minor league franchise, and Victory Field (home of the Indians) was named the "Best Minor League Ballpark in America".  I'm absolutely smitten with this team.

There was also a surprise at my first game: The Zooperstars!  They're a crazy entertainment act that definitely doesn't disappoint.  Of course, I was really excited to see Harry Canary and Mackerel Jordan.  I wish they could be at the game this Friday.  

Do you have a favorite local team?


P.S.  In other Indy-related news, I'm now part of the Indianapolis Bloggers!  I'm really excited to be a part of this group.  Be sure to check out the fantastic bloggers who I share a city with!