August 16, 2011

No-Sew Halter

This tutorial is coming a little late in the season, but if you live in the Midwest like I do, you still have a few more warm months ahead of you.

What you'll need:
*t-shirt (somewhat fitted)


1.  First, cut the sleeves off of your shirt.  Start at the armpit and curve up.  Leave some material that normally covers the shoulder.

2.  Flip the shirt over and cut across from one armpit to the other.  Then, cut straight down from the collar to the cut line that you just made.

3.  The second cut that was made on the back will be your halter straps.  Trim these down on the sides.  Also, if the collar of your shirt is high (like mine was), you may want to cut that part off.

4.  This part is optional.  Do this if the back of the halter is a little baggy or hangs below your bra.  Still on the backside, make a small cut (2 inches) down the back.  Now, cut two little triangles into the two sides of the small cut.  Tie the two triangles into a knot.

5. Once you have your halter on, twist the neck straps around a few times.

6.  Tie the straps behind your neck. 

This halter can always be sewn for a more tailored look.  I'm a little rough around the edges, and I just like my clothes the same way I guess.  :)