September 28, 2011

Foreign Electronics

If a product is not available in your country, there's probably a reason for it.  I recently found that out. 

When I discovered that you could order from any of the Amazon websites, I was really excited.  I scanned the UK site for hours looking for a gift, but I never purchased anything.  Then, I decided to head over to the Japan site to search for some different cameras.  Once I found one, I noticed that it wasn't available for shipping to the US.  That didn't bother me, because my friend lives in Sendai.

He brought the camera when he visited a few weeks ago.  We started flipping through the all Japanese manual.  That's when we found the one English line stating that the product would not work outside of Japan.  Oh.

And it didn't no matter how many times I tried.  The problem wasn't with the actual camera but with the program disc.  I'm not sure of the actual reason, but I wanted to share that little bit of information with any other impulsive buyers out there.  :)