September 13, 2011

Terre Haute Originals... and Elvis

It's funny how you can see something so many times that you become totally desensitized to it.  This giant yellow boot is a beacon for a store called Boot City just south of Terre Haute, Indiana (and close to my childhood home).  It seems like it's always been there.  But has it?

Clabber Girl baking powder and Square Donuts both originated in Terre Haute, but franchises of Square Donuts can be found in Bloomington and Richmond.  I had a square donut for the first time about a year ago.  Some people swear by them, but I'll always be a Dunkin' Donuts fan.  The sign is great, though.

The Elvis and the car aren't permanent to my knowledge.  I'm just glad I had the chance to catch them.

What are some of the businesses that are unique to your area?