October 4, 2011

DIY Lantern

You've seen those pretty lantern jars all over Etsy and at weddings.  I had some leftover jars from canned applesauce and wanted to try making my own.

What you'll need:
*frosted glass finish spray paint ( I used Krylon.)
*mason jars
*wire (I used some leftover jewelry wire.)
*tea lights

This version is very minimal.  You can always add your own sort of flare to your lanterns.

1.  Spray your jars with the frosted glass spray.  Leave at least 30 minutes in between coats.  My jars have 3 coats on them.  For something different, cut out a design and tape it to the jar.  The design will be unfrosted.

2.  Once the paint has dried, wrap a piece of wire around the top ridge of the jar.  Cut wire just a bit larger than the circumference.

3.  Cut another piece of wire to create a handle.  Use pliers to curl the ends up but don't close them yet.

4.  Attach the handle to the other piece of wire.  Wrap the curled ends around tightly.

5.  Wrap the wire around the jar.  Twist together the ends of the wire (seen in photo).

6.  Place tea lights in the jars and light.  You now have a lantern!

These would great around a patio or even lining the walkway to a door.