October 25, 2011

Jelly Lenses

Have you heard of Jelly Lens?  I've had some for a couple of years.  They're meant to fit over the lens of a camera.  I no longer have a point-and shoot with a small lens, so I use mine with my camera phone.

On the back of the lens is a thin plastic cap.  When you pull off the cap, you'll see a tacky jelly-like ring.  This is how the lens sticks to the camera.  Lens styles include:  wide angle fisheye, close-up, polorizer, starburst, spark, heart frame/blue filter, star/sepia filter, stretch effect, vignette, 6 image kaleidoscope, and 3 image kaleidoscope.  I kind of want the spark filter next.

Here's an example of the wide angle:

And here are some examples of the kaleidoscope:

What do you think?  Would you buy any of the Jelly Lenses?