November 22, 2011

Make a Digital Lomo Photo

I get Photoshop tutorial requests almost daily.  Today's how-to is creating a lomo photo.  I've even included the light leaks.  :)

1.  Open your photo in Photoshop.  Go ahead and crop the image or make slight adjustments at this point.

2.  We'll start by adding a vignette to the image.  Go to Filter > Distort > Lens Correction.  A box will pop up on the screen.  The circled area is where you'll choose how dark of a vignette you want.  I chose to darken it to 100.  Click OK.

3.  Now, we'll focus on the color.  Go to your Channels Palette.  Click on the red channel so that it is the only one highlighted.  When you do this the image will turn black and white.  To see your changes in color, click the eye icon next to RGB.  Go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast.  For a significant boost, check the box next to Use Legacy.  Slide the Contrast to the desired amount.  Repeat this step for the green channel.  If you'd like your image a bit darker, you can also repeat this for the blue channel.

4.  This is my image after tweaking the Channels.  If you want to add light leaks, go onto the next step.

5.  To create light leaks, you need to first choose a color.  I tend to stick to orange, red, or dark pink.  Set your foreground color (the front square).  Select the Gradient Tool and choose the Foreground to Transparent option.

6.  Create a new layer (Layer > New > Layer).  Drag the gradient tool across your image.  You could do a whole side or just corners.  Once your "leaks" are in place, change the layer to Hard Light.  Slide the Opacity to an amount less than 50%.

That's all there is to it!  Lomo photos always pop.  They can turn any ordinary image into something beautiful.