March 14, 2012

Coraline and Her Giant Squid

Lately, I have been on quite the Coraline kick.  I've seen a lot of custom Lalaloopsy dolls in the past, and I wanted to try my own.  The painting wasn't too much trouble, but the raincoat had me stumped at first.  It's tough to see in these images, but the raincoat has tiny little buttons.

Here's the before and after.

This is the image I was matching the doll to.  Pretty close.  Now, I want to make more customs!

I also made a larger plush squidcat.  His button eye is supposed to be pink, but I refuse to make anything pink.  So, orange was what I went with this time. :)

Do you like Coraline?  Did you prefer the movie or the book?