April 10, 2012

Striped Wedges DIY

The shoes that are out for spring and summer are so cute!  I especially love the wedges with colorful heels.  I thought it would be fun to restyle a pair (they were $5) I had in my closet.

You'll need a pair of wedges, paint, paint brushes, masking tape, and varnish (optional).

1.  Use masking tape to mark off the areas where you don't want paint.  Be sure that the tape is flat on the surface.  Run your finger over the tape to remove any bubbles.  I chose not to paint the very bottom since scuffing would more than likely occur.

2.  Paint the areas without tape.  Vary the size of your stripes or try some shapes.  Allow the paint to dry.

3.  To seal your paint, brush on a little clear varnish (optional).  Once the shoes are dry, remove the tape.  If you happen to have some drips, you should be able to scrape up the paint with your nail or remove it with a little soap and water.

You now have a fresh "new" pair of wedges!  If you try this, I'd love to see your colors and designs.  :)